We are independent chapbook publishers (launched 2 April 2014) who create and promote flash fiction chapbooks containing very short stories for adult readers. What is a chapbook?

We also sell eBooks: We also promote fiction and nonfiction eBooks via our online store.

Our aim is to develop chapbooks that are an engaging quick read and promote a love of reading through our diverse range of material.

Our mission is to promote the pleasures of reading and the joys of the imagination by publishing chapbooks that are low cost but high value.

Smashwords book publishing predictions 2014

It is the New Year, a time for predictions of the year ahead in book publishing including one from Smashwords CEO Mark Coker who predicts tougher pricing and increasing competition. Back in September 2013 Bowker Market Research provided evidence of a slowdown in eBook...

Women Talk Event

Chapbook Publishing will be appearing at the Women Talk event for International Women’s Day on Wednesday 26th March 2014. This will be our inaugural event and we will have the first of our chapbooks for sale. Many of them will be handmade chapbooks but we will...

Favourite quotes by writers

Nothing inspires and motivates as much as a quote from someone who has been there and done that but what we love about writing quotes is that they are not always inspirational. Sometimes they are just intense and miserable… oh the life of a writer! Favourite...

Amusing Prose Chap-books

The Amusing Prose Chap-books is a compilation of different chapbooks in one sometimes covering the history of a story. It was edited by Robert Hays Cunningham and published in London by Hamilton, Adams & Co and Glasgow by Thomas D Morison 1889. The complete book...

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For Readers (and potential readers)

“There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth” - Doris Lessing

Chapbooks are a quick read any time, any place, any where kind of fun. Read them on your coffee break, while waiting in a queue or sitting alone in a restaurant, while sitting on the lava-story or on a train. Or, like most of our readers, enjoy them at home before bed or instead of the TV.  They contain stories short enough for you to finish quick time.

If you are interested in the history of chapbooks be sure to check out the “chapbook examples” category on our blog – here’ are two wonderful examples;  “Chapbooks of the eighteenth century” and the interesting history of Thomas Gent from Yorkshire – Yorkshire Chap-books